Saturday, 12 May 2012

How to Choose a Name for Your Business

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but calling names won’t hurt me".

Do you remember this retort you may have been told to give at school if you were called names? So, what’s in a name? Alot.

Just think how you feel if someone calls you the wrong name. Some people regard this as an unforgivable mistake.

Trying to launch your business with the wrong name cannot only be a big mistake, it could also lead to failure.

How do you find a great name to call your business?

Analyse what your business does with associates or friends and family and brainstorm ideas.

Perform a trademark search in case someone else thought of the same name.

Try and attach a tag line or slogan that conjures up an action or picture for potential customers or clients.

Here's what to consider when choosing a name for your business. Choose…

- A name that makes your business easy to market

- A name that’s easy to pronounce

- A name that’s simple to spell or, if you can give it an unusually but quirkish spelling that makes it memorable - that’s even better

- A name that represents what you represent

- A name that won’t get confused with an existing business

- A name that suggests optimism

- A name that doesn’t require an essay to explain your business or what it does

- A name that doesn’t suggest illegality

Here’s a selection of business names that were winning entrants in business name competitions, these may provide the trigger to help you choose a great name for your business:

- Juan in a Million (Mexican Restaurant)

- Curl Up and Dye (beauty Salon)

- Brilliant Deductions (tax preparation service)

- Engine Newity (motor mechanics)

- Rhythm and Brews (coffees shop with music)

Is it too late? Your business name is already selected and you’ve been trading a couple of months and you’re about to give up.

Unfortunately, your options are limited. You can choose to:

- Continue in the hope the situation improves

- Change the business name and continue as before or,

- Create another business with a new name but doing similar activities as your failing business. Your ‘new’ business will have a different name, a new identify and will not be burdened with a bad name.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Can't hide behind the Internet

Welcome to the Blog - Doing Business in the physical world. There is plenty of advice on how to use the Internet to move your business forward all over the Internet, Facebook and Twitter. 

While acknowledging that the Internet can play a significant role in supporting your business to generate leads and convert them to client and customers, we all know that businesses still have to operate in the physical world.  

Real people, real premises – shops, offices, workshop and how potential customers view them also play a part in supporting your business.   

This weekly blog will share ideas to promote your business and increase revenue with little reference to the internet, you can get all the advice you need with a Google search or, if you have deep pockets employ a consultant.

Look out for a fresh post every Friday or Saturday.