Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Aerial Advertising, Make an Impact

How can you make a big impact on customers or clients with the service you provide or the product you sell?

The popular method is to buy prime time TV viewing spots. But, for the small business the cost is exhorbitant.

You could try full page advertisements in the local or national press, but the costs may be prohibitive or effectiveness hard to measure.

However, you could try a medium that is often overlooked, but when used your prospective audience can’t fail to look. Aerial advertising.

How often have you instinctively looked to the sky when an airship/blimp, or airplane flies a banner or billboard? If you don’t look, someone next to you will likely draw it to your attention.

Aerial advertising doesn’t require a small mortgage to pay for itself. And, the results can be impressive.

For example the US state of Maine used aerial advertising to promote their state lottery. They measured the results of its effectiveness and found that:

• 88% remembered the banner passing • 79% remembered what was advertised • 67% remembered at least one-half of the message

You have a wide choice of aerial marketing mediums to choose from:

• Airship or Blimp • Helicopter-banners • Aerial bill boards • Aerial logo boards • Aerial letter banners • Sky writing

Is aerial advertising effective? Here are a couple of quotes from business owners who have used aerial advertising:

"The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) decided to use aerial advertising to cut through the 'ground clutter' of logos at major auto races. Having an aerial banner in the sky attracted all attention to the aerial message, allowing us to promote our ethanol fuel use on track and direct people to our fuel retail partners”, Reece Nanifito, Sr. Director of Marketing The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) Omaha, NE.

"I've been in advertising for 18 years and very rarely do I come across a medium that reaches millions of people for hundreds of dollars”, Mike Doyle, Director of Marketing & Advertising Floor and Decor Outlets of America Kennesaw, GA.

Use aerial advertising where large crowds gather such as sports events, out door festivals, areas of heavy commuter traffic and crowded beaches. On the beaches you probably have a captive audience as large percentage of sunbathers are likely to be sun worshippers already looking up to the sky.

In a crowded place you must stand tall if you want to be seen. In the crowded market place for your product or service you want attention, and one of the best ways to grasp it is to get people to look up to you.

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