Sunday, 8 July 2012

Business PR, Get it for Free

You’ve got your business cards printed, website setup, booked a few advertisements in your local newspaper. And, yet you feel as if you’re pushing a loaded wheelbarrow up a steep hill with the load getting heavier.

Business PR, Create a Buzz

How can you change gear and create a buzz, even excitement for your small business and get the Business PR you need?

Once the realms of the big corporates, you too can join the big players by sponsoring an award.

Why would you want to do this? Several reasons, you’ll get name recognition in your community, and more lead generation and networking opportunities. 

In return you offer your name, money for the award or the actual prize. The financial cost to you is very small compared to the benefits you’ll get.

Business PR, Give Freely

All around there are dozens of opportunities for sponsoring an award – best teacher, best student, best care giver or best local councillor. 

No matter where you live you’ll be surrounded by schools, charities and hospitals where you can offer to sponsor an award.

For example, if you want to offer an award for the best student – contact the school secretary of a nearby school and let them know you’d be interested in sponsoring an award for their next award ceremony. If all the awards are taken up ask to create a new award.

For organisations like charities and hospitals, contact their press office or the person who looks after public relations.

When the time comes for the presentation of the award, local media are likely to attend to take photographs, your award gets mentioned and you will have generated goodwill in your community.

Hopefully, you will have created the little buzz that should give your business the kick start you want.

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